Best 12 inch Subwoofers for Car in 2023

Subwoofers for cars are a vital part of a car audio system. If you’re looking for a great sound system in your car, you should know that there are a lot of different options available to you. You can either get a cheap subwoofer or a good one. Subwoofers are speakers that are placed under the seats of your car. They are meant to amplify the bass sound in the car. The best part about subwoofers is that they are very affordable. So, the question begs – what are the best 12 inch subwoofers for cars? In short, if you want to enjoy a great sound experience in your car, you should consider getting a 12-inch subwoofer.

So if you question me, what is a Subwoofer? Well, a Subwoofer is a kind of speaker which is used to amplify the low frequencies (bass) of the audio. A good subwoofer can bring a lot of bass and clarity to your car’s music. The best subwoofer for your car depends on the type of car you drive.

Best 12 inch Subwoofers Reviews

Subwoofers are an integral part of a car. Without it, your car would seem insipid and incomplete. But installing and choosing the best subwoofer is really difficult especially if you have no knowledge of subs or speakers. This is why we are going to narrow down such 7 best 12 inch subwoofers for you that they are so easy to install and the best quality as well. Our review can hopefully save your time, money, and energy. If you read these reviewed products, we hope you must have some knowledge of them. So, let’s get started.

1. Klipsch R-120SW Subwoofer

Klipsch R-120SW Subwoofer

Key Features:

Brand        Klipsch
Model NumberR-120SW
Speaker Maximum Output Power400 Watts
Connectivity Technology        RCAWired
Product Dimensions19.2 x 14 x 16.5 inches
Item Weight31 pounds

Product Description:

Klipsch is a premium brand of high-performance loudspeakers and headphones. They are great for all-around music listening.

This is a much better option than our previous choice. The best 12 inch subwoofer car is very popular and has thousands of existing users. We think that the Klipsch R-120SW is the perfect second pick for the best 12 inch subwoofer. It’s an excellent choice if you need a powerful option.

This best 12 inch subwoofer is made of spun copper. It offers a range of 29 to 120 Hz. This best quality 12 inch subwoofer is a great speaker with a great sound. Besides, it has an RMS power capacity of 200 watts but can go as high as 400 watts. Moreover, this best sounding small speaker offers a big sound from a tiny package.

When it comes to the Klipsch R-120SW there is a certain unique feature called bass reflex. This subwoofer is equipped with a large passive radiating enclosure that further boosts its output. In terms of the sound quality, this is a very good product at the price range. The bass is good enough and you can easily pair it with a subwoofer for better sound performance.

At this price point, the Klipsch R-120SW is an exceptional value. The product is great, considering its size. It’s going to be a really good choice for a living room.

–         Premium design
–         Durable and reliable
–         Low-frequency response
–         Bass reflex technology
–         Minimal cone breakup and distortion
–         Ample power with high efficiency
–         Compatibility with home theater receivers
–         Stylish aesthetic with absolute durability
–         Could have more power capacity

2. Dual Electronics SBX212i 12-inch Subwoofers

Dual Electronics best 12 inch subwoofer

Key Features:

BrandDual Electronics
Speaker Maximum Output Power1200 Watts
Mounting TypeMagnets
Item Dimensions32 x 17 x 17 inches
Item Weight39 Pounds
Other display featuresSpeakers

Product Description:

The Dual Electronics SBX212i 12-inch illumiNITE is a subwoofer that is designed specifically for efficient and accurate bass. It’s also got an illuminated trim ring, a digitally optimized ported port, and a built-in amplifier for maximum power handling.

Dual Electronics SBX212i 12-inch illumiNITE High-Performance Studio Enclosed Subwoofers with 1,200 Watts of Peak Power and 41-Ounce Magnets is designed with high-power, efficient subwoofer systems, which will dramatically improve the overall bass response of your home audio system.

In addition, the 2-inch Voice Coil is specifically designed for improved low-frequency response with exceptional reliability. High-level driver circuitry with the ventilated control circuitry system ensures sound quality and optimum system coolness during peak usage, delivering studio-quality performance.

Moreover, the IllumiNITE® 12-inch subwoofers are built to last for years to come. The company started with premium components and an advanced computer-aided design (CAD) technique which enabled them to build a highly efficient, amazingly capable, and highly competitive subwoofer. We then took this design philosophy and applied it to our 11-inch subwoofer to make it even better.

The top-grade in-line automotive carpet, the Sound MDF structure, and the high-quality damping material, which effectively dissipates the acoustic energy created by the subwoofers, are all the key factors that guarantee the high quality and reliability of the product. The product comes with a 1-year warranty.

–         Boosted output capacity
–         Digitally optimized subwoofers
–         LED Illuminated trim ring
–         Accurate and loud bass
– Automotive-grade carpet
–         Sound MDF construction
–         41oz Magnets
–         Quick connect speaker
–         1-year warranty
–         Polypropylene Cone with high-density foam surround
–         May not be durable as you expect

3. Skar Audio SDR-12 D4 12″ 1200 Watt Max Power Dual 4 Ohm Car Subwoofer

Skar Audio SDR-12 D4 12" 1200 Watt Max Power Dual 4 Ohm Car Subwoofer

Key Features:

BrandSkar Audio
Model NumberSDR-12 D4
Speaker Maximum Output Power1200 Watts
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Product Dimensions14.25 x 14.25 x 9.5 inches
Item Weight18.6 pounds
Peak Power1200 Watts
RMS Power600 Watts
Frequency Response22 Hz – 300 Hz
Sensitivity84.7 dB
Xmax13.5 mm
Mounting Depth6.47″

Product Description:

The SDR series is a true-performance car subwoofer from the house that Skar built. If you want a powerful sub, this is the one for you.

The Skar Audio SDR-12 D4 is a 12-inch car subwoofer designed for serious listeners looking for the most powerful, best-sounding car audio. It is a heavy-duty, dual 4-ohm subwoofer that will get your speakers and amplifier sounding their very best. The SDR-12 D4 is equipped with a high-quality 4-layer voice coil, a premium 2.5” high-temperature copper voice coil that delivers impressive low-end performance.

If you’re looking for a powerful car subwoofer with a wide range of frequencies, the Skar Audio SDR-12 D4 is a great choice. It produces a deep and full-bodied tone at low volumes and is extremely loud and powerful at high volumes. With its high-temperature ferrite motor, this dual-cone woofer offers superior power handling and longevity over other manufacturers’ woofers. With a massive 2.5” high-temperature copper voice coil and our signature red spider surround, the Skar Audio SDR-12 D4 subwoofer will easily handle the power of your car or home audio system.

Speaking of the best-sounding 12-inch subwoofer, the Skar Audio SDR series is an extremely powerful product that has been engineered and built to last. With a high flux ferrite motor and high-temperature 4-layer copper voice coil attached to the signature red spider, this woofer will provide extreme power handling and extremely low-end output. The high flux ferrite motor provides a smoother motor response and has better power handling capabilities than regular ferrite motors.

This Skar Audio signature red spider and high-temperature copper voice coil allow for the SDR series to provide incredible power handling capabilities. The voice coil sits above the high-temperature steel magnets and copper pole. The pole consists of a thin layer of aluminum oxide on a steel core which provides strength and rigidity to the pole.

The high flux ferrite motor also gives this woofer a smooth motor response with the ability to deliver extreme power handling. The speaker itself is very heavy which makes it easy to move around and is perfect for vehicles and homes. This high power rating means the SDR-12 can provide a high level of deep bass response that is needed in a car subwoofer.

–         Reliable and hard-hitting
–         Low spectrum sound
–         High Roll Foam Surround
–         High flux ferrite motor
–         Amazing sound reproduction
–         Low note capabilities
–         4-Layer high-temperature Copper Voice Coil
–         No mentionable complaints yet

4. Polk Audio T15 100 Watt Home Theater Bookshelf Speakers

Polk Audio T15 100 Watt Home Theater Bookshelf Speakers

Key Features:

BrandPolk Audio
Model NumberT15
Speaker Maximum Output Power100 Watts
Frequency Response24000 Hz
Audio Output ModeSurround, Stereo
Product Dimensions7.3 x 6.5 x 10.7 inches
Item Weight8.25 pounds
Country of OriginChina

Product Description:

Get the best home theater experience in your home with Immersive Surround Sound with the T-series of Polk Audio.

The T5 bookshelf speaker is designed to give a high performance while maintaining a low price. With a full range of high-sensitivity voice coil units and our proprietary tweeter, our bookshelf speakers deliver high clarity with low distortion. Use these speakers as your front, left, and right speakers and experience a natural, well-balanced sound with massive bass even at the lowest frequencies.

Polk’s T30 center channel speaker features an exclusive 4-point speaker array design for high-precision sound projection. Perfect for movie watching or music listening, the center channel speaker offers a compact design and powerful performance, and it’s easy to set up anywhere. Create a complete home theater system using two T50 tower speakers, one T30 center channel speaker, and two T15 bookshelf speakers.

These affordable speakers have premium-quality components, and great sound, and they’re ready for action in minutes. Now you can hear your favorite shows, movies, and music anywhere.

Polk’s T-series of speakers are compatible with most home theater receivers to offer many setup options – in single or multi-room.

These amazing value-priced speakers will let you enjoy premium acoustics, high-quality construction, a simple setup, and a spectacular theater experience right at home

–         Superior home theater with immersive surround
–         Crystal clear audio sound
–         Compatible with most home theater AV receivers
–         MDF cabinet construction
–         Awesome design
–         Easy setup
–         Affordable price
–         Spectacular theater experience right at home
–         You can have sometimes a hollow empty sound
–        Might not be an excellent choice for an audiophile

5. American Bass Elite Series 12 Woofer

American Bass Elite Series 12 Woofer

Key Features:

BrandAmerican Bass
Model NumberAB-ELITE-1244
Speaker Maximum Output Power1200 Watts
Mounting TypeFlush Mount
Item Dimensions15 x 15 x 11 inches
Item Weight‎27.2 pounds

Product Description:

If you’re looking for a subwoofer that is great at booming bass and sounds great with a variety of music and movies, look no further than the American Bass Elite 1244 12″. It is a 4-ohm subwoofer that has an unbelievable sound quality that will satisfy any home theater enthusiast. To be truthful, the American Bass Elite 1244 12″ (DVC 4-ohm) subwoofer is a powerful and highly efficient subwoofer

If you need a powerful bass subwoofer, the American Bass Elite Series is just what you need. The Elite subwoofer comes with a cast basket and an optional stamped basket.

The bass performance is very similar to the XFL except the Elite subwoofer has a stamped basket instead of a cast basket. These woofers sit on top of a 150oz stacked magnet and have a fiber-added non-pressed cone topped with hi-roll high-density foam surround with double stitching.

The subwoofer also comes with a 3″ hi-temp 4-layer voice coil on an aluminum bobbin which gives these subwoofers a power handling of 2400 Watts Max. 

–         Unbelievable sound quality
–         Powerful and highly efficient
–         Durable stamped Basket
–         High-density foam surrounded
–         Double black poly-cotton spiders
–         High-grade magnets
–         Maximum excursion chrome finish
–         4-Layer Voice Coil on Aluminum Bobbin
–         No mentionable complaints yet

6. Rockford Fosgate P3 DVC 4-Ohm Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate P3 DVC 4-Ohm Subwoofer

Key Features:

BrandRockford Fosgate
Model NumberP3D4-12
Speaker Maximum Output Power1200 Watts
Frequency Response25 Hz
Mounting TypeFlush Mount
Item Weight8.8 pounds
Product Dimensions14.5 x 14.5 x 10 inches
Depth (inches)‎6.66 inches
Warranty‎1-year parts and labor

Product Description:

The P3 Series is the best-selling subwoofer series from Rockford Fosgate. With a new dust cap design and anodized aluminum cones, the P3D4-12 subwoofer is a compact but powerful subwoofer that delivers high performance, low-distortion bass, and smooth mid-range tones. It’s designed for easy installation, and the new design provides an improved, more stable base to minimize movement.

The Punch P3D4-12 is a 12″ 4-ohm subwoofer featuring 600 watts of peak power, 1000 watts of continuous output, and 600 watts of a peak into 8 ohms.

The largest sub you may have seen before this one is a 12″ X 2″. It has dual 4 Ohm and 600 W power handling. This best quality 12 inch subwoofer is the first amp that was made to do a full 1-year warranty. There are not that many 12″ X 2″ subs around and it sounds better than a lot of 15″ subs you’ve had in the past. You get a full warranty from Fosgate and it’s built like a tank.

–         Dual 4-Ohm voice coils
–         600 Watts RMS of power handling
–         A FlexFit basket for extreme car and truck installations
–         Hybrid stamp-cast basket
–         Anodized aluminum cone
–         Vast technology
–         Spider plateau venting
–         Maximum motor performance
–         1-year warranty
–         No mentionable lacking yet

7. Black Diamond DIA-R12D2 12 Inch Car Audio Subwoofer

Black Diamond best 12 inch subwoofer

Key Features:

BrandBlack Diamond
Model NumberDIA-R12D2
Speaker Maximum Output Power1200 Watts
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Nominal impedance2+2 ohms
Sensitivity85.5 dB
Frequency response20-300 Hz
Product Dimensions12.6 x 12.6 x 7.75 inches
Item Weight16.25 pounds

Product Description:

If you want to have one of the best quality 12-inch subwoofers, then DIA-R12D2 can be the best for you. It delivers powerful 1200W Max Power with 600W RMS at Dual 2+2 Ohm. Whether you’re a musician, builder, chef, or just a creative person who wants to create a better world with your hands, these high-quality Ferrite Magnets are here to help.

This best single 12 inch subwoofer has a very high-quality magnet and will produce a wider range of tones. It can handle incredible power and will work with heavy loads. With Dual Voice Coil, you get the option to run a parallel or series set up for the best fit.

However, Magnet Set is an all-in-one kit for audio, video, and light use; a must for any home studio, pro, or aspiring musician. This magnet is a very high-quality magnet and will produce a wider range of tones. It can handle incredible power and will work with heavy loads.

Above all, you’ll love the unique design of this ultra-reliable subwoofer. The best subwoofer you can buy is this ultra-reliable subwoofer. It has dual voice coils, a Kevlar dust cap, and foam edges all at an affordable price. The best subwoofer under 200 dollars is the UE One 10. This best 12 inch subwoofer is compact, has a sturdy, attractive design, and features solid construction.

–         Powerful bass
–         Loud and crystal sound
–         Easy to install
–         Dual voice coil
–         High-quality magnet
–         Unique design
–         Durable and ultra-reliable
–         Noting to mention

The Best 12 inch Subwoofers Buying Guide

When buying a subwoofer, you need to consider some vital factors. If it is for your room, then consider the size of your room, the amount of bass you want to hear, and the type of music you listen to most often. The best subwoofer for you will depend on your needs. However, before buying a subwoofer you must keep your eyes peeled on the following factors in order to find the best subwoofers for you. 


Power is everything when it comes to woofers. They need a lot of it to push the air and sound waves around and out through the back wall. When you’re purchasing a subwoofer, it is important to keep track of two specs. The more power you will have to your subwoofer, the better.

RMS Power – it means the amount of power your sub can handle on a continuous basis.

Peak Power – this means the maximum amount of power your subwoofer can handle at any moment. If you put all this power into the RMS power, you will get your woofer fried.


In order for subwoofers to convert the power they are provided into useful sound, they need a bit of sensitivity. Models with higher sensitivity require less power than those with lower sensitivity. Speaker sensitivity is described in decibels. And, yes, you want to make a lot of them.


The frequency response of your speakers is the thing that tells you how wide is the range of sounds your speakers can produce. Frequency is the specific value that determines this parameter. So, if you want your speakers to produce a sound that’s more true to their character, then you’ll need to focus on frequency. You should go for the subwoofer with a frequency range that allows you to play the lowest frequencies you can imagine. Most woofers work best at around a specific frequency range, usually somewhere between 20 and 30 Hz.


Amplifiers are important to any audio system. They are what help speakers reproduce sounds at a level that you can hear.

You may not realize it, but an amplifier is something that you need to start off with. You’ll never know how much of an effect you can make if you don’t even have an amplifier.

These devices amplify the input audio signals and convert them to smaller power, which allows the subwoofer to work more efficiently, producing a higher output level while consuming less energy.

If you’re planning on getting a powerful subwoofer, it’s important to get a powerful amplifier as well in order to use the subwoofer up to its full potential.

You can either choose a subwoofer that has an amplifier built-in or one that has an external amplifier to get the best results.

The number of voice coils

It’s also good to know that these speakers work in both series and parallel setups which gives you a lot more freedom when building your car audio system. Many people prefer installing their cars with a parallel setup, but the series wiring can be very useful for specific needs. It depends on the specific requirements of your particular installation. Single-coil drivers offer less configuration options than balanced armatures, but if you understand what your preferences are you can tailor a woofer to your liking.

Dimensions of the woofer

A bigger subwoofer is best because it has more power and the louder you are, the better your bass is. Whether the quality is related to the number of variables or not, the more room manufacturers have to play with, the better their products are going to be. If you’re looking for a sub that will take center stage in your system, then you’ll want to look into the dimensions of this speaker. These dimensions make it the highest-ranking subwoofer out there right now.

For someone who has decided to invest in a 12-inch woofer, this stands out as the top of the food chain. With only the 15-inch woofers above them, it is the best option for a small space. It’s not just about the size, it’s also about how you arrange the units. In the smaller units, the chances of the output remaining the same are slighter. With the smaller-sized units, it’s hard to get anything more than a slight output. Once you start down the dimension ladder, things don’t improve that much.


Impedance is the specification of the amount of resistance the subwoofer brings into the system. This number doesn’t affect the speaker’s compatibility at all. It is purely technical. Subwoofers are generally available in an impedance range of 4 ohms impedance. However, 2-ohms and 8-ohms are not unheard of. 

Size and Form Factor

If you’re looking to install a 12-inch subwoofer, it’s safe to assume that you have ample room to do so. A subwoofer by itself is a low-powered speaker, which means it is easy to install, especially if the space you have is limited.

The 12-inch subwoofers have become so popular in recent years that they are already quite large in size. So, if you’re going to get one, be sure to get a subwoofer that encloses it. You may find that the size and form factor of the subwoofer might be a surprise for you. There is generally no need for a larger subwoofer than 12 inches.

A speaker without a woofer is called a tweeter. It can only reproduce low frequencies. If a subwoofer is enclosed, it increases the size of the enclosure. Most people will find that these factors don’t make a lot of difference for domestic applications, but will definitely affect car installations.

This means that you must make sure that you are buying the right subwoofer, the one that has the best specs for the money before you place your order.

Warranty Period

If you’ve ever bought an audio subwoofer for your home theater, you’ve probably wondered how much it costs. You may be surprised that audio subwoofers are priced far higher than other speakers and speakers.

If your subwoofer is in perfect condition but it doesn’t perform well, then the fault could be with your amplifier. Damage to a subwoofer’s internal components will drastically reduce its output quality. It can also render the speaker useless, meaning no sound will come from it.

The 12-inch subwoofer is an investment and should be reliable for a long period of time. If you have the money and need something durable, look for the one that is reliable for a longer period of time.

If your subwoofer is damaged, the only option is to replace it. Internal damage will render the driver useless, which is the worst-case scenario.

Consider buying the 12-inch subwoofer when you want to spend a lot on a product. Since it will be used for a long period of time, you should choose one that’s reliable.

With that, you will be assured of free repairs or replacement if something were to happen to your subwoofer within the warranty period.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best 12 inch subwoofers on the market?

You can find some best 12 inch subwoofers on the market. You can choose one of them. The best quality 12-inch subwoofers are:
– MTX Audio TNP212DV Dual 12″ Subwoofer Vented Enclosure with Amplifier
– Skar Audio Single 12″ 1200 Watts peak power handling Loaded Sdr Series Vented Subwoofer Enclosure
– Rockville Punisher 12D2 12″ 5600 watts Peak power handling Car Audio Subwoofer Dual 2-Ohm Sub 1400 watt RMS power handlingCEA Rated; dual voice coil subwoofer (dual voice coils)
– Alpine SWT-12S4 1500W Maximum power (300 Watts RMS power handling) Single 12″ Sealed Subwoofer Tube Enclosure; 4-ohm voice coil

2. What’s the hardest hitting 12 inch subwoofer?

It’s really tough to point out a specific hardest-hitting 12-inch subwoofer because there are a lot out there. Anyways, if you want to have the best and hardest-hitting 12” subwoofer, you can look for the Skar Audio Single 12 inch Loaded SDR series. Since these best 12-inch subwoofers are designed for low frequencies with high RMS ratings, they are obviously able to generate hard-hitting bass.

3. Is a shallow mount subwoofer a good idea for a car subwoofer audio system?

When a speaker system is placed under the seat, it’s called a shallow-mount subwoofer. A good-fitting subwoofer for a car audio system depends on a few things. The Bass should be set at the lowest level that provides the strongest bass possible.

Maybe a lower RMS power, and low frequencies sub will get your audio system to sound great and handle bass better, or perhaps a higher frequency woofer can deliver a better listening experience.

This shallow mount sub (subwoofer) can fit into any home theatre setup and will produce good sound quality. It’s important to always check the mounting depth of your lens before buying it, no matter what price range you’re in.

4. How much power is needed for a great system?

It actually depends on the space you have available. You can’t always expect to get decent sound from your home theater system unless you have a big space to place it. A car stereo system requires more power than a home stereo, so you need to get an amplifier that’s designed to be powered by the car.

In addition, Power is your best bet for producing loud bass, but for best reproduction, an enclosure that gives you a solid foundation for the low frequencies is better than a sealed or ported enclosure that only amplifies. The best indicator of the sound level of your subwoofer is to check your power handling rating.

Moreover, a bigger vehicle is necessary to achieve better sound quality. You’ll get better sound quality if you get a 12-inch subwoofer and an amplifier that’s good at boosting low frequencies. Power output should be 100 watts RMS, but for a loud and punchy sound, a sealed enclosure with more power gives a better bass response than a ported enclosure.

5. Which is a better choice a 10-inch subwoofer or a 12-inch sub?

Generally, A 12 inch sub is more powerful than a 10 inch sub in terms of a louder bass sound. Which one you would choose between this 12 inch sub or a 10 inch sub also depends on your budget, space, design, and above all quality. In this case, to be honest, if you have a flexible budget and a mentality to have the best sub, you can go for the top rated 12 inch subwoofer. It would be so perfect if you can bear the cost.

6. Why is RMS power rating important?

RMS power is the continuous amount of power that can be delivered by a motor in order to transform it into sound. It is measured in watts. RMS means that a circuit will handle a certain amount of current. If you run your circuit with too high of a current, you could damage the circuit.

7. Where should I use passive subwoofers?

When you need a system that’s easy to install and can deliver powerful bass for a limited space, consider a passive subwoofer. When you build a home theater room, the most important thing is to buy the best speakers. A subwoofer system needs a subwoofer that has passive crossovers designed to work with a ported enclosure to effectively reproduce loud bass. It is best to choose the heaviest 12-inch subs available so they don’t fall over, even if they are not perfectly secure.

8. Why is a quality car stereo system important?

A car stereo system consists of a head unit, an amplifier, and an equalizer. I recommend buying equipment from one specific brand (for example MTX or Skar). This is because the brand and model of the skis are designed to work best together. When you want to improve your home theater system, the more power your speakers have the louder your subwoofer will be.

9. Are dual voice coil subwoofers better than single voice coil ones?

The dual voice coils make the woofers more efficient, so you can increase the power and still stay within the woofers’ warranty period. One reason that a dual voice coil works better than a single voice coil is that the dual voice coils don’t get as hot as a single voice coil and so you can. Anyways, the right amplifier channel for your car audio system is the one that uses one channel. If you use two channels, you will not be able to use the phase control. So, if you want to have the best sound possible you need to run your subwoofer through a separate amplifier.

10. Is an external amp necessary for 12 inch subwoofers?

In order to improve the bass from the subwoofer, you will need to use an external amplifier. You can view information about a product, including the manufacturer and brand name, in the product’s product specifications details section. The best-rated 12-inch subs are high-powered, low-handling units with high sound pressure levels that require a powerful amplifier to work properly.

11. Is a JL audio subwoofer worth the higher price tag?

JL Audio’s designs and quality are superior to most other speakers. They don’t get easily damaged and are designed to last for years. You don’t have to worry about power handling if you pick a ported subwoofer, and you should consider JL Audio subs for a 12 inch sub. The ported subwoofer’s high power output makes them perfect for bigger-sized rooms.

12. Do 10 or 12 subs hit harder?

The 12″ subs hit harder since they have a larger cone area and a ported enclosure. In addition, a 12-inch sub can be a good investment for those who are serious about getting a good sound. Subwoofers come in many sizes and they can all hit fairly hard, however, the 12-inch sub will always be louder. So, the best 12-inch sub is always going to be louder and deeper. Read more.

13. Are 15 inch subs louder than 12? 

The bigger the box, the more powerful the sound and bass it produces. The fifteen-inch subwoofers have a large cone area and generate a lot of power, making them ideal for big. You can either buy a sealed enclosure or a ported enclosure to improve the performance of your 12-inch subwoofer.

14. How much is a 12 inch subwoofer?

The price actually varies on quality, design, size, frequency response, power handling, and other features. So, generally, you can get a 12 inch subwoofers for under $100 or up to $1000. However, you can get a good quality subwoofer on a budget of $200 – $500.

15. Is one 12 inch subwoofer enough?

It’s always better to get two 12 inch subwoofers rather than one if you need more bass for a good sound system. By using 2 or more subwoofers in series or parallel, you can make your subwoofer system far louder than using just 1 sub woofer. Since it amplifies each individual sub by an amplifier, so you can power each individual sub without having to use more than 1 amplifier.

16. What is the best 12 inch subwoofer for the money and bass in the market?

After considering different aspects of a 12” sub, the best 12 inch subwoofer for the money is the MTX Audio Terminator Series TNP212DV. They are durable, produce clear and deep bass as well as durable to last long. This is undoubtedly one of the best and most versatile subwoofers on the market. So, if you want to have a subwoofer that is worth value for the money, you can consider this MTX Audio Terminator Series TNP212DV.

17. What is the best single 12 inch subwoofer for deep bass?

The best single 12 inch subwoofer for deep bass is the MTX Audio Terminator. This is a quality sub that is worth the money.

Final Words

Installing a subwoofer can be challenging, but it’s definitely worth it! First, you should be aware of what type of subwoofer will best suit your home theater system. Subwoofers are very similar to speakers but differ in size, price, and performance. A speaker that’s designed to play both mid and high frequencies has both mids and highs and can be found in home theaters or car stereos. A subwoofer only focuses on the lower-frequency region and generates a lot of low-frequency output.

If you want an entry-level subwoofer for your car, consider the BOSS Audio Systems CXX12 Car Subwoofer. It provides a frequency range as low as 32Hz. The speaker is cheap and will offer a lot of value for your money.

If you’re a bass lover, the Rockville RV12.2B Bass Sound System is the way to go. It will give you the deepest, richest bass experience.

It’s the only subwoofer that’s designed to go so low and still maintain such excellent sound quality. If you’re looking for a subwoofer that produces an exceptionally deep low-end output, this is the one for you.

It is a single speaker in a home audio system that can be used as a regular speaker. Its frequency range is from 200 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

If you’re looking for an upgrade to your sound system, the SVS PB-2000 is the perfect choice for you. It’s the best-sounding, most affordable way for you to upgrade your system’s bass, mid-range, and overall performance.

This 12 subwoofer is the highest quality option and is backed by a 5-year long warranty period.

It comes with an inbuilt power supply that offers up to 550 Watts, along with a frequency ranging between 16 to 290 Hz.

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