How to Charge Bluetooth Speaker without Charger [Best Methods]

A lot of people ask how to charge a Bluetooth speaker without a charger. Nowadays, most Bluetooth speakers are charged with a charger. You can fall into a problem if your charger is not found or broken. Or what if even though your charger for your speaker doesn’t work, what would you do to charge your speaker? You must be wondering then how to charge bluetooth speaker without charger. If you want to know how to charge Bluetooth speakers without chargers, then you can find the answer here.

I am writing this post to let you know that you can charge your Bluetooth speaker without using a charger. The methods you can use we are mentioning here could be the best way to charge your Bluetooth speaker. So, let’s learn all those methods.

How to Charge Bluetooth Speaker without Charger

You can charge your Bluetooth speaker with any USB charger. But if you have a portable speaker, you may find that it needs to be charged separately. But what about those who don’t have a USB charger? Here is how to charge your portable speaker without a charger.

1. Charge Using Your Smartphone

Charge Using Your Smartphone

The best and easiest way to charge your Bluetooth speaker without a charger is if you have a smartphone with you. You can simply charge the wireless speaker by using your smartphone. For this, you need a USB cable that is compatible with your phone and speaker. Once the requirements are met, all you need to do is plug the USB cable into your speaker, and then connect it to your phone. With the ability to charge your phone in minutes, there is no reason for you to carry separate chargers for every device if one charger works for all. You can charge your Bluetooth speaker as many times as you want.

However, you can charge your speaker using your phone only then when you can meet up some requirements. The size of the battery of your Bluetooth speaker and how much charge you have on your phone is a matter of concern. As we mentioned earlier that compatibility between the two devices is important. If they are not compatible, you may end up damaging the ports of the smartphone as well as the speaker.

2. Charge Using Mobile Charger

Charge Using Mobile Charger

The second method we are going to share to charge your Bluetooth speaker without a charger is using your mobile phone’s charger. This is also one of the easiest ways to get your speaker charged. With the phone’s speaker, you can charge it as you are charging with the speaker’s own charger.

All you need to ensure is whether they are compatible or not. If the charger is incompatible, forcing to insert the charger into the speaker’s port may cause either damage to the charger’s pin or the speaker’s port. So you are suggested to be very careful when you are trying a new phone charger to charge your Bluetooth speaker.

3. Charge Using a Powerbank

Charge Using Powerbank

Using a powerbank to charge your Bluetooth cute speaker without a charger is another fantastic way to charge your speaker. A powerbank is compact and easy to carry. Since a powerbank can store a lot of power, you can use it to charge your small Bluetooth speaker. A good powerbank could be 20,000 mAh. It is not only good for charging your speaker but also you can charge your phone, rechargeable torch light, trimmer, and other small devices that are compatible with it.

So, to charge your small powerbank all you need to do is plug it into the charging port. If you think about how much a powerbank costs! Well, it varies depending on brands, power store capacity, size, design, durability, and quality. So, you can purchase the that one that suits you. A power bank can really save your day.

4. Charge Using a Wireless Charging Station

Charge Using a Wireless Charging Stations

If the battery of your speaker is dying out, you can easily restore its charge by connecting your Bluetooth speaker to your wireless charging station. So, you can easily fix the problem of a dying wireless speaker battery. first, make sure that the two devices you are going to connect are compatible or else they can end up damaging their port.

After confirming they are compatible with each other, you just have to plug in the wireless charging station and connect to the speaker. That’s it. You will start seeing your lovable Bluetooth speaker is being charged up.

5. Charge Using Your Laptop

Charge Using Your Laptop

Who doesn’t carry a laptop while traveling or at home? If by any chance, your speaker’s battery is fully drained, you can use your laptop to recharge it. In this case, a micro USB cable is all you need to get the work done. Just use the cable and connect both the devices; the laptop and the wireless speaker. Well, if they are compatible, the recharge will start instantly. In most cases, a red LED light will be shown as an indicator if it is charging.

However, since charging a Bluetooth speaker using a laptop is very easy, most people prefer to use it that way. So, truth be told, this is one of the most common and favorite methods to recharge your cute Bluetooth speaker. If your laptop is broken or damaged, the question may still arise of how to charge a Bluetooth speaker without a charger, in that case, I would recommend you to not worry. So, if you are thinking about how to charge Bluetooth speakers without a computer, well, follow other solutions below. Just follow the next paragraph to know another easy trick to charge your Bluetooth speaker even without a charger.

6. Make a Wireless Charger by yourself and Use it

wireless charger

Making a wireless charger by yourself could be a tricky and time-consuming matter. If you have a bit of knowledge of it, you can do that by following the proper steps. They are in fact easy and less costly. If you are a technical guy, you can try it out at home. First, you need to gather all the necessary items including a soldering tool, an inductive charging set, and a 9V charger.

  • ☞ Now disassemble the Bluetooth speaker. Be very careful while you are disassembling it because a little carelessness can damage any of the internal components.
  • ☞ Go to the next step. You need to solder the +5V wires on the circuit board.
  • ☞ At this stage, connect with 9V on the emitter’s side. The procedure is complete to build a wireless charger.
  • ☞ Now check out whether it is working or not. If it works tape the coil to the bottom of the case. However, you must make sure that you prevent thick materials.

However, if you found this process difficult or have no idea about this, you are highly recommended not to try it. Nevertheless, if you are doing the job, your hands must be very controlled and steady so that you don’t touch other parts of the board. So, be careful during the whole process.

7. Charge by Using a Solar Charger

Solar charger

The best way to charge your Bluetooth speaker is by using a solar charger with energy storage capacity. The solar charger will charge the battery just as a normal power bank would. In addition, if you’re looking to charge a speaker wirelessly, a solar charger is an easy option. It provides minimal current and won’t damage your device when it’s low on power.

However, a battery that has completely died should take a long time to charge because these batteries are slower at charging than other types. If you have a 10 amp battery charger, it could recharge a dead Bluetooth speaker in nearly six hours. So, if you are still wondering how to charge your JBL boombox without a solar charger, just make sure you keep your solar charger battery topped up so you can use it conveniently anytime.

8. Use a Car Charger for Your Bluetooth Speaker

car charger

Most car batteries work on the same principle. They use an electrochemical process that converts the chemical energy stored in the battery into electrical energy. Today’s cars have built-in USB ports, so they have an easy place to plug your phone or tablet into and charge it.

Just connect your Bluetooth speaker to the car’s USB port. Don’t think twice now about how to charge the Axess speakers without a power adapter. So, don’t worry about whether you have a charger or not. But when power supplies fluctuate, the voltage can become unstable and cause the charger to overheat, so it’s best to use only the original charger. However, overheating could cause your speaker to malfunction.

9. Time to Replace Your Battery

If you don’t succeed to recharge the speaker, the problem may be the battery. A battery charger is a device that uses electricity to charge a battery. For this, it is important to replace the battery. However, battery replacement is essential in order to prevent further damage and that’s why you should replace the battery. It’s worth considering that you might require a technician for performing the task. It is highly recommended that you take your wireless speaker to a professional to have it repaired or replaced. They can do a lot more than just replace the battery. However, sometimes, the problem can also be with the charging port.

How Can I Extend the Battery Life of my Bluetooth Speaker?

We have already learned that we can charge our Bluetooth speakers without a charger in various ways. Learning how to bypass the charging port on a Bluetooth speaker without soldering, how to charge a bluetooth speaker without a charging port, or how to fix charging port on bluetooth speaker without soldering is important as well but remember, it is also important to know how to extend the battery life of a Bluetooth speaker. If the battery is dead, you need to replace it which can be costly, time-consuming, and disappointing. That’s why you can prevent it by following some rules. So, what are they? Let’s check it.

Turn Off the Speaker

You don’t use your Bluetooth speaker all the time, right? While you are at work or sleeping, you must turn your speaker off in order to last the battery life long. You may know that if the device is powered off, it stops the wireless communication between the devices and preserves the battery and this is how the battery life extends.

The thing is if you keep your speaker constantly on even when it is not in use, the battery can be drained fast and you need to recharge it. In this way, if you recharge frequently to your device, it will tend to dam your battery in a short time. For this reason, you should learn and practice turning off the speaker before you go anywhere or sleep.

Don’t pause or stop because in this state the battery is also drained. However, there are some bluetooth speakers that come with the feature of auto shut-off. You can have one of them.

Using Airplane Mode

The alternative way to turn off your speaker is by using airplane mode. Some users don’t like to switch off the speaker all the time they are not going to use it. In that case, you can use Airplane Mode and all forms of wireless communication will be disabled. If you can do so, the battery life will be extended. Besides, you can have another advantage of not getting any notifications like emails, push notifications, and text messages frequently. These notifications may bother you sometimes. So, saving the battery of your speaker on one hand, and on the other hand, you can escape from the annoying notifications if you use this easy and fantastic method to extend your Bluetooth speaker’s battery.

Keeping the Wireless Speaker Cool

The best way to preserve battery life is to limit the heat. It is important to know that high heat can shorten the battery life of your device, so it’s best you store the speaker in a dark and cool place. When you allow the speaker to sit under the direct sun’s heat, there are possibilities of damaging the battery.

It’s important to know that high temperatures can cause harm to a cell phone battery or Bluetooth speaker’s battery and cause them to drain quickly. If you don’t want to damage your batteries by leaving them in the car trunk, never leave the speaker in any hot trunk because it can degrade the battery quality fast. So, don’t let the speakers get too hot. If the battery gets too hot, it will degrade its quality.

Never over-Charge or Discharge Fully

One of the biggest mistakes we always do is when we are going to sleep, we put the speaker on the charge. Well, the speaker’s battery needs 1.5-2 hours to charge fully but we sleep by that time. When we are awake, it may be 5-7 hours. Most of us do not care about it. Unfortunately, this process can drain or even damage your bluetooth speaker battery unexpectedly. That’s why, when you are plugging in to charge your speaker, you must have to be aware of it and disconnect the plug once the charge is 100%. So over-charge or fully discharging can potentially damage the speaker battery soon.

Keeping the Volume Down

A simple mathematical formula is that the louder the volume is, the more consumed the battery would be. That’s why one of the best and ideal ways to save and extend your speaker battery lifespan is by keeping the volume down. The low or mild volume would be the best for last the battery long. So, to make you understand, if you want to have the best efficiency, just try to keep the volume of the Bluetooth speaker at 75% max.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I charge my Bluetooth speaker with a broken charger port?

Unfortunately, you can no way charge a Bluetooth speaker with a broken charger port. If you want to charge it, you need to get it fixed or make a new one yourself. However, if you can’t make a new one, just purchase a new wireless charger to charge the speaker.

2. How can you charge a Bluetooth speaker without its charger?

Well, you can find plenty of options to charge your Bluetooth speaker without its charger. We have already learned above about it. However, you can use a charger for a smartphone, power banks, laptops or desktops, car chargers, wireless charging stations, and solar chargers. Before connecting, just make sure that both devices are compatible with each other.

3. How to charge a Bluetooth speaker with an AUX cable?

We may know that the function of an AUX cable is to transmit audio to the speaker. That’s why it won’t be possible to use it to top up the drained battery of your Bluetooth speaker. At this stage, you have to find another option to charge your Bluetooth speaker.

4. How to charge the Bluetooth speaker with a phone?

Charging a Bluetooth speaker with a phone is an easy process. You just have to connect the phone with the speaker using a USB cable and make sure they are compatible or else you can end up damaging their ports or charger’s pins.

5. Can we charge a Bluetooth speaker with the mobile charger?

Yes, you can. Most mobile phone chargers are compatible with the Bluetooth speaker’s port. Actually, the manufacturers intentionally use the same USB port so that if you don’t carry your speaker’s adapter or charger, you can use your smartphone’s charger instead. However, though they are mostly compatible, nevertheless, check again first whether they are compatible or not.

6. Is Wireless Charging Bad For Battery?

Heat is a big problem with wireless charging. In fact, it can be worse than the problems that come with using wireless charging on a wired phone. In other words, it makes sense to top up your phone battery all day long and not let it get down to 50% of its maximum charge, you will actually help the battery last longer. Read more.

7. How Long Should I Charge My Bluetooth Speaker?

It takes usually 2-3 hours to charge the battery of your Bluetooth speaker from an empty state. There is a battery indicator on the speaker that will turn green once it’s fully charged.

8. Why Is My Bluetooth Blinking Red And Blue?

If you have not successfully paired up your devices, the red and blue light will blink continuously unless you turn it off. In another word, it means the headset is looking for a connection. So, try to pair your Bluetooth device so that the lights are not supposed to be red and blue. Once paired they will turn into solid white. Read more.

9. How Do I Know My Bluetooth Is Fully Charged?

When your speaker is in charge, a red light indicator will show its progress. Once the charge is full, the light will turn blue. You can now remove your charger if you don’t wish to charge another one.

10. Can You Overcharge A Bluetooth Speaker?

It is good news that modern batteries have sensors that automatically turn themselves off once the battery is fully charged. Though they sense the battery is full, plugging into the charger for a long time may damage the battery. This is why, when the battery is 100% full, you need to unplug it immediately because over-charge can potentially damage or shorten the battery lifespan. 

Final Words

Still, wondering how to charge Bluetooth speaker without charger? You might have learned the methods we have already taught by now. Again, when you’re outdoors and can’t plug the speaker into an outlet, a wireless speaker will provide music wherever you are. For those who are looking for a travel speaker, it is best to look for one that is portable and can connect wirelessly.

If you want to charge your phone or tablet using your computer’s USB port, make sure that your computer is compatible with USB, and has a USB cable. A USB cable is helpful if you don’t have an AC adapter to recharge a laptop or a smartphone. You can charge it from the laptop and even from your smartphone if possible.

The best thing about carrying a power bank is that you can charge anything instantly by just switching it on. And that includes your Bluetooth speaker.

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