How to Connect a JBL Speaker to a Smartphone [Best Methods]

If you want to listen to your favorite music on the go, a JBL speaker is the perfect solution. Have you ever tried to connect your smartphone to a speaker, but were confused about how to do so?  Well, many people find it difficult to connect their smartphone to a JBL speaker because of the audio jack. You can connect a JBL speaker to a smartphone via Bluetooth or USB. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to connect a JBL speaker to a smartphone via Bluetooth. You can use this method to stream music from your phone to your JBL speaker. So, this post will provide you with detailed instructions on how to connect a JBL speaker to a smartphone or computer.

If you’re looking to add some audio to your smartphone, you’ll want to check out the JBL Charge 2. It’s a Bluetooth speaker that features an impressive 8W of sound and a sleek, modern design that looks great on your desk or nightstand. The best part is that it’s compatible with virtually any Android or iOS smartphone. And the best part is that you don’t need to install any special apps—it works out of the box. In this guide, we’ll show you how to connect the JBL Charge 2 to your smartphone so you can enjoy a high-quality, wireless audio experience.

How to Connect a JBL Speaker to a Smartphone?

JBL Speaker and a smartphone

Connecting a JBL speaker to a smartphone is an easy process. Even if you are a new one, you can do it just by following some steps. For this reason, you have to learn some basics and simple lessons about it. So, without delay, let’s go to the procedure on how you can simply connect your JBL speakers with your smartphone or your computer via Bluetooth. Before beginning, we need to know a bit about Bluetooth.

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows devices to communicate with each other over short distances. The device that’s sending the data is called the master and the device that’s receiving the data is called the slave. 

We will connect a JBL speaker to our computer or smartphone using Bluetooth. So, let’s follow.

Step 1: You have your JBL speaker already, right? Well, first of all, power the speaker on by pressing the power button on it.

When you have successfully powered on the speaker, a blinking LED light will show up and you can see it.

Step 2: The next step is to do Pairing. Remember, after turning on the speaker, it will automatically go into the Pairing Mode and simply you have nothing to do here.

Well, if it doesn’t go to the Pairing Mode automatically, you need to press the Bluetooth button on the speaker. Once you do that, you will see the pairing mode there.

Step 3: Since you could have done up to step 2, step 3 is really easy. Well, now, go to Settings on your Smartphone or Laptop.

Once you have found the Settings, you will find an option said “Add a Bluetooth Device”, or “Pair a New Bluetooth Device.”

Step 4: Till now, you have already done the best part of it. However, once you click on the pairing mode, the desired name of the Device you are trying to connect to will be available in the Device’s list in your mobile/computer’s Bluetooth Settings.

Step 5: Great! You are almost done and just a click away. Now, press on the desired speaker’s name on the list and choose to pair the devices.

Step 6: Your Bluetooth connection procedure is already done. So, how do you understand whether your devices are already paired or not? Well, after securing the Bluetooth connection between the device and the speaker, you will see that the previously blinking LED light stopped blinking and it turned solid. It means you have successfully been able to connect your JBL speaker to your mobile/laptop.

You have already learned how to connect JBL speakers together or how to connect JBL Bluetooth speaker to a laptop. Well, you need to know some important information about the JBL speaker.

Speaker models vary in their support for JBL Connect and JBL PartyBoost applications. Some of the best applications for mobile devices are the ones you can install for free on your smartphone or tablet. This application allows you to update the firmware on your JBL speakers and use other interesting features. The JBL apps are packed with cool features you can try out.

How to Connect Multiple JBL Speakers with a Single Device?

JBL speaker

The most important thing about JBL speakers is that they are very easy to pair with other JBL speakers. They make a great set when combined. Many JBL speakers are designed to connect to each other. While they’re all compatible, it’s easy to connect them together.

But, there’s a catch! For instance, the JBL Flip 4 speakers come with the JBL Connect+ feature, but the successor model, the JBL Flip 5 supports JBL PartyBoost. That’s why speakers supporting these two different platforms can’t be connected to each other. It is quite a frustrating thing, but you can’t do anything about it.

So, As long as the speakers are of the same brand and model, pairing them up is much simpler and faster than when you’re pairing up two different brands. With a similar model, the pairing process is really easier and more convenient.

So, if you intend to connect multiple JBL speakers with a single device, here are the steps that you can follow:

Step 1: What you need to do first is pair one speaker with your smartphone.

In order to do so, power on the speaker. Now hold its Bluetooth button for at least 3 seconds. Once you have done it, the speaker will automatically go into the Bluetooth Pairing Mode.

Well, if you have already connected once the speaker to your smartphone, you don’t need to follow step 1.

Step 2: Now, to pair the speaker to a new device, just press the Bluetooth button. It will show the Bluetooth Pairing Mode.

Step 3: You need to go to your smartphone’s Bluetooth Settings. Now tap on the “Pair a New Device” option.

Step 4: Tap now on your desired JBL speaker’s name and simply pair it with your phone.

Follow carefully, if your smartphone asks to input a code while you are trying to pair, look for it on the speaker’s box, or manual. Or you can try using ‘0000’ (four zeros) as it is mostly used on Bluetooth Speakers as its code.

Step 5: You have already connected to your first speaker and now is the time to connect with your second speaker. Well, turn on the second speaker and then click on the PartyBoost or Connect+ button. Remember, you need to press the buttons on both speakers at the same time.

Step 6: Don’t worry. This process will just take a few seconds. Once they are ready, you will see both of your speakers are connected together.

This is how you can connect multiple devices to your JBL speaker. So, you have already learned how to connect JBL speaker to android. If you don’t know how to connect jbl speakers to iPhone or how to connect 2 JBL speakers to iPhone, just read the following sections. Read more.

How to Connect JBL Speakers and Headphones to Bluetooth

JBL RED color speaker

If you are a JBL speaker lover, you may find a lot of speakers, such as Flip 4, Charge 3 or Clip 3, JBL Charge 5, JBL Flip 5, and so on, in the market. One of the best features of the JBL speaker is they are easy to pair up with the other devices without any difficulties. If you want to connect the speaker to the JBL’s wireless headphones (like the Reflect Mini BT), or even one of JBL’s soundbars, the Bluetooth pairing process is pretty much easier and identical. Let’s now know the process.

1. Turn on pairing mode for your JBL device

Your speaker/headphone/sound bar must be paired with Bluetooth before it starts up so it can connect. When it does start up, it will blink its LED light. If you’ve paired your speaker previously, you can pair it using the Bluetooth button on your device. On most devices, this button is next to the volume controls.

2. Now make the Settings for different devices to pair your JBL device

If you are thinking about how to connect jbl speakers to iPhone or how to connect jbl speaker to android, well, don’t worry. Sometimes, people try to connect with MacOS or android. So, how to connect jbl speakers to macOS or Windows has been also mentioned here. Here is all the process you can follow.

Android: Go to Settings >> Turn on Bluetooth >> Pair new device. This way, you can pair up your JBL device with an Android device.

iPhone: Go to Settings >> Bluetooth >> Turn on Bluetooth>> Other Devices >> Tap to connect. Follow these steps and you will be able to connect to your JBL speaker.

MacOS: Choose Apple menu >> System Preferences >> Click on Bluetooth >> Select your JBL device from the list >> and then, click Connect.

Windows 10: Open “Bluetooth & other devices” in the System Settings >> “Show Bluetooth devices” >> click “Bluetooth” >> click “Add Bluetooth or other devices” >> select your device from the list. This is how you can connect your JBL speaker to a Windows 10 device.

Note: if the Bluetooth button is hidden, you’ll just find it under the upward arrow on the taskbar at the bottom of your display. Read more.

3. Confirm successful pairing

If you have successfully paired up the devices, the blinking LED light will stop and it will be solid, so no blinking then, just only solid. Once the LED light becomes Solid, your device is ready to go.

How to Connect a JBL Speaker (Using Images)

1. Power on your speaker

How to Connect a JBL Speaker to a Smartphone

Press the Bluetooth button to show Pairing Mode.

2. Find the speaker in your device’s Bluetooth settings

Find the Bluetooth device on Settings

Now go to Settings, find the Bluetooth, and activate it to pair. Different types of devices may have different Settings. Just find it and follow.

3. Confirm the connection whether it is ready or not

Confirm the connection

Once you have paired up the devices, the LED indicator will stop blinking and it will turn into Solid.

4. You can open the JBL Portable app once the Bluetooth connection is established

you can open the JBL Portable app

Well, once the connection between the JBL speaker and smartphone is established, you can use your smartphone app to install firmware updates. Now, set up a PartyBoost network. Besides, you can also create a stereo pair on supported speakers. Though this is an optional option you can try it.

Final Words

In this step-by-step guide on how to connect a JBL speaker to a smartphone or computer, we have tried our best to make you understand. If you truly follow these steps, you can successfully connect the Bluetooth device with your JBL speaker. So, don’t give up. When your JBL Bluetooth speaker won’t connect, there must be some problems like it may be out of range, your Bluetooth device may be off, you couldn’t select the right device, or your device is incompatible. However, check those factors carefully and try to reconnect them. You will succeed hopefully.

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