ScreenX vs IMAX – Which One is  Better?

In the debating battle of ScreenX VS IMAX – which one is better? When you are sitting with your friends, this question may rise up “Is ScreenX better than IMAX?”. Some would prefer ScreenX over IMAX while others won’t. Anyways, if we consider some aspects, we will understand better between ScreenX and IMAX.

In this post, we compare and contrast the two leading movie theater experiences, ScreenX and IMAX, to determine which one is the better option for your business.

IMAX is a great movie theater experience, but if you have kids, you may want to consider the ScreenX Theater. In this post, we compare the ScreenX and IMAX theaters and give you all the info you need to decide which one is right for you.

ScreenX vs IMAX: The Difference between ScreenX and IMAX

What is IMAX?


IMAX stands for “Image Maximum”. IMAX is a motion picture exhibition technology company that was founded in 1979 by Richard G. Morgan, and is headquartered in New York City. The company’s proprietary film formats are designed to produce exceptional image quality. 

IMAX uses premium-quality cameras, projectors, and sound systems. It has the biggest screen and plays lively pictures. This is truly a great experience for anyone who likes being on the road and performing in front of

More importantly, a 12-channel surround sound system takes you to the movie theater. The ultimate cinema experience is now here. This technology features premium-quality cameras, projectors

The 3D Blu-ray provides a stunning image and sounds great. The films seem to come to life. The scene on the big screen is so immersive because it uses the giant screen. The movies seem to pop out of the screen and reach you.

A surround sound system that incorporates 12 channels will transport you to the theater in your home.

You may know that IMAX operates the largest cinema chain in the world, with more than 300 locations, and a digital distribution platform called IMAX Entertainment. The IMAX name was first used in 1979 when IMAX produced its first film, “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.

My Real Movie Experience at IMAX

While watching the Lion King I felt frightened as the lion came rushing out. It looked like a real event that was about to happen to you. The characters are so big, that they seem to come right up to you.

Also, I didn’t feel the sound coming out of the screen. If you could ask any character to express themselves, would they talk right next to you? It was such a good experience that I lived every moment of it, and I enjoyed every single minute of the

I saw many movies at different IMAX cinemas.

However, I like IMAX so much.

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What is ScreenX?

 ScreenX VS IMAX: ScreenX Movie

The project that CJ 4DPLEX is working on is called ScreenX, and it’s a project that specializes in 3D projection for motion theaters.

It’s like seeing a movie in a small room where you are completely enclosed and everything around you is shown in 3D. It’s more immersive than a normal 3D movie theatre experience.

The display screen in a ScreenX theater is like a standard cinema screen, which means it’s like a standard cinema screen. However, it is projected to the left and right walls. It’s the main image that appears on the center screen.

On the other hand, there’s not much in terms of technical information regarding the side walls, but the detailed description of the front wall is extended to the sidewalls.

Cars run on the center screen while pavements, buildings, and other objects can be seen on the sides of the car.

This product allows you to get 270-degree coverage on three sides. With the new ScreenX, you get three screens that each play different films. The middle screen in a ScreenX theater is most similar to the traditional movie-watching experience and it features the movie itself.

The two side screens, which are tilted at a 270-degree angle, simulate the experience of peripheral vision and allow you to see “off-screen” effects like explosions that you would not normally see in a traditional movie theater.

My Real Movie Experience at ScreenX

This Spider-Man: No Way Home was filmed and formatted in ScreenX. A few days ago, I watched the movie at ScreenX theater. I enjoyed watching the film from all sides. I could see everything in detail and in a bigger format. You could have differentiated between the main screen and the side walls.

The picture seemed to have been split into three parts.

Besides, the movie was shot on a single screen and the side walls were left empty. Moreover, some scenes were only played on the main screen, and the side walls were blank.

To be honest, I didn’t enjoy this movie so much because the immersive illusion was broken. In my opinion, the movie was okay but I’d rather watch something in the realm of IMAX.

IMAX or ScreenX: A Detailed Comparison

IMAX is an extremely expensive movie theater experience. It has the 3-D capability, and it is larger than most regular theaters. IMAX has a large screen, surround sound, and a 3-D capability. One of the drawbacks is it is available in only a few theaters, and tickets cost a lot more than normal movie theater tickets.

ScreenX is a new version of the IMAX Theater that has been in development for a few years. It is a smaller theater, but it still has a large screen, surround sound, and 3-D capability. It is available in more theaters than IMAX, and tickets are cheaper.

Display Quality

IMAX display quality is incomparable. The aspect ratio is 1.90:1 which is perfect. The Brightness Boost makes your images look incredible, regardless of what you shoot in low light conditions.

You want to go back in time to when you could actually experience life as it really was. This is a beautiful image, crystal clear, and so vivid, and lively without any blurring.

However, ScreenX also has a good display quality. But it’s not as crisp as IMAX. Because it uses its own specialized cameras and projection technology. Cinemark movie theaters use their proprietary technology to make their presentations look as if they’re being projected.

The image on the ScreenX screen appears bigger, but you see it on a virtual 270-degree screen. It’s quite an interesting experience to sit in the middle of a crowded auditorium and witness. A projector uses a high-quality fabric to project images.

Display Screen

IMAX has a giant screen that measures approximately 52 feet in height and 72 feet in width. It’s made of a single sheet of glass that extends from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall. The largest IMAX screen measures 117 by 97 feet.

The screen is rectangular when seen from the front. The screen is curved, and it looks like it’s made to fit the shape of a dome.

If you want to create an image with a 3D effect, it is better to use a 3D display such as 4K UHDTVs or OLED TVs. 

It has an ultra-wide field of vision that captures the entire field of vision in a single glance. The additional extended image reveals minute details of the scene. So, an illusion is created to make people feel a part of the scene.

Hence, the major difference between these two cinemas is that one enlarges the image and displays it on a single large screen. As the other extends the image, produces minute details, and uses three screens.

Technology at Use

The main difference between ScreenX and IMAX is the technology. They both are different and involve different pre- and post-production stages, cameras, and projectors.

IMAX uses a dual 4K or 8K projector so that the horizontal and vertical images are integrated together to create an amazing effect.

Additionally, it uses specialized heavy cameras in 15/70 mm film format that is 10x bigger than standard.

However, ScreenX uses five projectors to display the movie. It’s capable of recording the film in the new ScreenX format, which is a big improvement. Moreover, hardware tools are combined with the software program for a 270-degree view.

Movies are shot and edited in the ScreenX format and further edited to be presented on the screen.

The best theaters in the world are the ones where they show movies that were shot in IMAX.

Sound System

There is no magic to the sound system at ScreenX Cinema. In fact, the audio system at ScreenX isn’t any different than that found in a standard.

IMAX has special sound systems. The audio is just like the standard cinema. This has a 12-channel sound system. The speakers are placed in exactly the right places to achieve an immersive sound.

Some cinemas also use Dolby Atmos and DTS: X sound formats. If you want to experience the world’s most realistic 3D movies in your very own home.

Theater Seats

IMAX offers comfortable and padded seats. They are located at a height so that every viewer can watch the screen without any obstruction.

In cinemas, the seats have multiple storeys, but from each seat, you can clearly see the action.

Sometimes it’s better to sit in the middle of the row so that you have a more even view from all directions. It’s also important to keep your head straight.

Tilting your camera to the side is not always flattering to your face. Try to hold your camera level when you take your pictures. Tilting can create a negative and blurry image of your face.

ScreenX has set its seats at the correct height. So, the seats will be arranged in rows, in front of each other.

The overall seating comfort is good, and the seat quality is good.

Availability and Cost

Introduced in 2012, ScreenX offers an unparalleled viewing experience by giving you more screen

Relatively it is a newer technology and requires special purpose-designed theaters.

 IMAX has always been one of my favorite places to watch movies.

There are only 316 screens in 34 countries that are able to show ScreenX While IMAX has over 1500 cinemas in 80 countries around the world.

So, IMAX is available easily and costs around $20.

ScreenX is not available everywhere, and it costs around $30.

Comparison and Contrast Table

Comparison ParametersIMAXScreenX
Screen qualityComes with 70 degrees field of viewComes with a 270-degree field of view
Theater experienceLarge and curved screen for an immersive experience3 sides of screens for that immersive feel
Sounds and audioThe sound quality has some advanced featuresIt doesn’t have any specialized sound design
Movie experienceThe video quality makes movies lifelikeWith 3 different screens, it’s not as fluid as you would expect
SeatsComfortable and padded chairs, each seat faces the screen directlyComfortable seats placed before the screen in front of each other
AvailabilityQuite available in certain placesQuite available in certain places Very rarely available
CostWorth the moneyMay not feel worth it

Frequently Asked Questions About IMAX and ScreenX

1. What is IMAX? 

IMAX is the world’s first and largest digital movie theater experience. We offer an exciting, unique, and powerful cinematic experience that takes you beyond the screen and into the action. 

2. What is ScreenX? 

ScreenX is IMAX’s revolutionary new format for high-resolution movie theaters. With ScreenX, the audience sees every image at 60 frames per second and in true IMAX 3D, using proprietary IMAX lenses and digital projectors. 

3. What’s the difference between IMAX and ScreenX?

IMAX is a technology company that creates a large-format digital film. ScreenX is a new type of digital projection system that uses digital light processing technology.

4. How many theaters are there in the U.S.? 

There are currently over 300 IMAX theaters in the United States. 

5. How do I get tickets?

You can buy tickets online or by calling your local theater. 

6. Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit to attending an IMAX movie. 

7. How much does it cost to see a movie on IMAX? 

Tickets start at $13.95 for adults and $14.95 for children.

8. Can I take photos or videos of the movie?

Yes, you can take photos or videos of the movie. 

90. Is Screenx better than Imax?

No, actually not. IMAX is better than ScreenX on all sides.

Final Words

In summary, the debate between the two competing formats for movie theaters (ScreenX vs IMAX) has a clear winner, with IMAX leading the charge.

Some people may find the ScreenX a bit small for their liking, but it’s nothing wrong with it.

IMAX is an amazing way to experience movies that are worth seeing multiple times, but the difference between ScreenX and IMAX is that IMAX provides a much better experience to the audience than ScreenX.

Both of them look very interesting, and if they don’t impress you enough, there are so many others out there so you don’t need to invest in either.

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